His plan, His way…is the best way | Your Kingdom Come (Part 3)

The second sentence in the Lord’s Prayer we see the evidence of God to have His original intentions for mankind restored. Heaven is perfect in every way and we are to pray for his Kingdom and his will to be done on earth as in heaven. Heaven is a perfect place led by the perfect God who is Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. That should be catalyst enough for us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come to earth as it is in heaven, even if we don’t fully understand the complete ramifications contained in the phrase.

Consider for a moment how mankind has affected our planet and the people living on it. Yes we have accomplished a lot medically and technologically, but what’s our condition? We have developed complex economical systems to guard against financial falter and collapse, yet the world is in trouble economically. We continue to explore and deeply probe the human brain and psyche to eliminate mental and emotional illness (more people are on meds than ever), but look at the emotional fragility and behavioral complexities afoot. Larger and more elaborate governmental structures have been assembled to defuse foreign aggressors, internal division, and violence, but could we honestly assess the current state of affairs optimistically? I don’t think we could give it a very good score do you? We are not exactly the perfect global village.

Wealth, power, and control in human hands alone will never produce healthy social and moral growth and sustainability. Without the centrality of Christ in culture, the spiral is inevitably downward.

The heart of Christ was and is to return us to the heart of the Father whose plans and intentions are best in every way, which is why Jesus urged us to pray, “Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Next week’s blog will reveal 3 things we should always remember when we think of the Kingdom of God.