Awaken the Dawn

ATD 1“Morning by morning He wakens me and opens my understanding to His will.” Isaiah 50:4

On the morning just before beginning this introduction, I looked through the front window of our home and there was just enough light to see a mist hovering over the field of several acres between the house and the wooded hillside some 400 yards away and deer forging.

I quietly opened the door, stepped out onto the porch and immediately heard Whippoorwill in the distance, the crock of tree frogs, and the familiar sound of crickets. After a few moments of standing in the quiet of pre-dawn, I retreated indoors to one of my favorite spots to read, pray, and quietly contemplate.

I love early mornings, for a very long time now they have been most precious and almost sacred to me. Early mornings are usually quiet, still, uncluttered and a good time to prepare for the day spiritually. Isaiah seems to have preferred them and the Psalmist David favored them writing, “Wake up, my heart! Wake up, O lyre and harp! I will wake the dawn with my song.” (Psalm 57:8) More importantly, Jesus Christ, the one we are to pattern our life after also found the treasure in the early morning hours, “Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray.” (Mark 1:35)

Awaken the Dawn is a simple and brief daily offering of encouragement from a fellow pilgrim. My hope as you read these offerings you will daily fall a bit deeper in love with Christ the lover of our souls.

Each day these writings follow one of the main themes of the Lord’s Prayer. In a year you will have had the opportunity to pray and apply the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer 52 times. Each daily devotional provides a Scripture, a written thought concerning the passage, and a concluding prayer.




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