True freedom

ATD 4The Word

“He gave His life to purchase freedom for everyone.” 1 Timothy 2:6


The end of the War for Independence of the United States from the British Empire was established by the signing of the Treaty of Paris (1783). The document provided written evidence of a declaration, hope, and path for continued freedom. Contained within the treaty were these words of commitment from the two opposing nations to, “… forget all past misunderstandings and differences that have unhappily interrupted the good correspondence and friendship which they wish to restore”[1]

Many gave their lives to purchase the liberty we now enjoy. There once was a greater war, though, for the souls of humankind waged and won by Jesus Christ when He gave His life as the ransom for all. The result of that victory is the freedom of reconciliation and redemption where God forgives and forgets our sin upon our repentance and the embracing of His Son as our Savior and Lord. God’s grace restores us to the life giving relationship with the Heavenly Father.


Thank You for forgiving and forgetting the sin that held me prisoner and separated me from You. Thank You for restoration. Thank You for Your mercy and the freedom of Your grace. Amen.

[1] Treaty of Paris 1783


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