The Highest Call

ATD 8The Word

“Praise the Lord!” Psalm 149:1


An exclamation point is used at the end of a sentence or phrase to make an emphatic declaration or command or to emphasize a strong feeling.

The beginning sentence of Psalm 149 ends with such a mark. Humanity was created by God and exists for His purposes and desires. Praising the Lord is our highest call and goal. While certainly worship is an honor and privilege, it is additionally a command to be observed. This song is introduced by the psalmist revealing his overwhelm love and admiration for the Lord his Maker. These few beginning words are filled with holy emotion flooding from his heart of joy and internal fulfillment. No quiet introduction easing into an eventual crescendo, this song immediately bursts open with power and energy to declare God’s praise, and this should be our hearts theme.


Lord You are the center of all things and the center of my life. You have designed me to find my identity, purpose, value, and worth in You. My heart finds deep solace in knowing I am created by You and for You. I am set apart to praise You in all things. You are life’s source, my source, and so my heart burst forth this morning in praise to You my Lord! Amen.


“Morning by morning He wakens me and opens my understanding to His will.” Isaiah 50:4


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