Set apart to be like Jesus

ATD 24The Word

“Be just and fair to all. Do what is right and good, for I am coming soon to rescue you and to display my righteousness among you.” Isaiah 56:1


There are days when I seem to strain my spiritual ears trying to hear God’s will or discover some previously unseen gem from Scripture. In the quest I sometimes miss the obvious and important.

Such was the case this morning. I rose very early in anticipation of discovering the day’s instructions. I combed the Scriptures, carefully journaling key points and watching for some striking bold revelation, but nothing appeared.

Reading and meditating on God’s Word always reaps something valuable, but I closed my Bible and moved into my day. Then later Isaiah 56:1 resurfaced from memory in a needed moment and circumstance. “Be just and fair to all. Do what is right and good…”

This is the character of Christ. He always does what is just, fair, right, and good, and these are to be the characteristics of those who belong to Him. These characteristics set us apart from the values (or I should say lack of values) of the world. Of course living them without the facilitation of the Holy Spirit would be impossible which is why we are told to “walk in the Spirit.” Often the obvious things applied end up being the deep gems we seek and certainly the things God can use in our daily lives to display His kingdom.

The discipline and due diligence of consistent seeking of God in Scripture, prayer, and corporate fellowship with other believers is not the writ of legalism or the harsh keeping of the law to stay in God’s good graces. No, they are heaven’s succulent nourishment, the banquet provided by God for all those who long to love, know, and serve Him more. The threshold into His presence which is the holy and passionate longing of those God calls His own.


Cause me to conduct the affairs of the day by the discernment of Your Spirit and beautiful standards of Your Kingdom that reflects Your glory and intent of Your will. Amen

“Morning by morning He wakens me and opens my understanding to His will.” Isaiah 50:4


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