God of goodness

ATD 46The Word

“You have done many good things for me, Lord, just as you promised.” Psalm 119:65


Often during my Christian experience I have awakened during the night with a thought of concern. Most times they are quickly dismissed and I return to sleep, but there are others when I cannot, and I soon find myself walking the floors in prayer or seated somewhere with a single light source reading expectantly from the Bible and waiting for words which will bring peace and hopeful resolve to the moment of challenge and internal unrest.

Such was a case in the middle of a night once when I came upon this verse of wealth for the heart. The Psalmist penned words of truth and sincerity to express his mood, and I too became a recipient of his experience as I read for it is true God has done so many good things for me.

Before I could think of one though, the words alone quickly restored my hope and realigned clarity in me. Indeed God is good and does good things. Just a few words after writing the verse above, the Psalmist provided additional comfort writing, “You are good and do only good things.” (Psalm 119:68)

God who watches over us and leads us does only good. He has done many good things for us, none of which we are worthy of, yet He gives goodness because this is His nature and desire.

The truth and light of God’s word when we dwell in the place of gratefulness will result in a change of perspective: one of concern and despair, to one of light and hope.


Indeed God you are good to me and my heart knows it well. Lead me through this day with a heart of gratefulness and the truth that my Father in heaven has done many good things for me. Amen.



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