Music’s destiny

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“Let the godly sing for joy to the Lord; it is fitting for the pure to praise Him. Praise the Lord with melodies on the lyre; make music for Him on the ten-stringed harp. Sing a new song of praise to Him; play skillfully on the harp, and sing with joy. For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything He does. He loves whatever is just and good; the unfailing love of the Lord fills the earth.” Psalm 33:1-5


I love music! Most people do. It can change the mood of one individual or an entire arena filled with thousands. Music has numerous styles presented in a plethora of forms, but its zenith is experienced only in worship to God. Why? Well not to over simplify, but God created music and humanity with the intent of using both to worship Him. When His creation functions within His divine design the ultimate result is produced: God is glorified, worshiped, and we, in turn, experience the mystery of internal fulfillment and the apex of rhythm, lyric, and melodies.

Martin Luther wrote, “Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.”

For everyone who has realized genuine life is found only in a relationship with the Lord, these first five verses of Psalm 33 encourage us to joyfully exalt him with multiple instruments in a new song of praise. We praise God because He is alone is worthy of worship (Revelation 4:11), and because His truth is flawless and forever. His decisions are perfect, trustworthy, fair, and just. He loves those things deemed good as defined by Him, things absent of prejudice, darkness, and selfishness. And, we praise Him because His love never fails and fills the earth.

In the final analysis there is but a singular source capable of completing the complexity of the human soul, that source is Jehovah God. So, let every devoted, committed, redeemed child of God sing joyfully, sing confidently, sing often!


I exalt you, O God, and I sing with the melody of the heart set free to worship you. May I gratefully, thankfully sing all of my days to the source of my hope and my joy, the Lord of my life! Amen.


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