The mission of honor

ATD 59The Word

“How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” Romans 10:15


Few things if any have the capability to alter a feeling of discouragement than someone arriving with good news of some sort. The levels vary from person to person when it comes to coping and handling some of the challenges we face during life. Some seem to manage quite skillfully in not allowing too much deviation in their emotional response, while others seem distraught and sometimes dysfunctional over minor things. Universally, though, it is safe to say good news will bring some level of joy to most any negative situation. While receiving good news is great, anyone who has been able to deliver it will also tell you what a joy it is to be the vehicle that is used to bring it.

Christians are not only exceeding and abundant recipients of good news, but we also have the most honored and glorious assignment in all the earth. We are privileged to take good news to the broken, wounded, and disenfranchised. For every outcast, wanderer, and everyone in despair and overcome in hopelessness it is the singular message of genuine and lasting hope; it is the Good News of the Kingdom of God. We have been granted to be His messengers of His Good News.


You have given me freedom, Lord, and great purpose for this life to be your messenger and to bring hope to the hopeless because of your great love, mercy, and grace. Let me be attentive to the leading of your Holy Spirit today and lead me to someone wounded, hurting, and waiting for Your good news. Amen.


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