God and Father of all

ATD 65The Word

“The heavens are yours, and the earth is yours; everything in the world is yours—you created it all.” Psalm 89:11


I was the only passenger being driven to a small village on a mission trip once in Central America. The road we were traveling was narrow and wound through a hilly region of very beautiful jungle. Sprinkled here and there along the way were a few small dwellings and areas in the bush where the vegetation had been cleared to provide a field for a few livestock or crops. There was sufficient room to help sustain a small family with perhaps enough left over to sell produce in the nearest small village to provide a humble income for those living in these clearings. For the most part however the region was covered by lush beautiful green jungle.

In contrast, another trip had me on a ship overlooking a massive glacier stretching through a huge valley extending to the sea with the backdrop of some of Alaska’s majestic mountains and rugged landscape. All beneath the deepest blue canopy sky I have ever seen.

As wonderful and beautiful as these places were, they are only two locations within the massiveness of this earth. The majesty of the heavens and earth are captivating, breathtaking, but even with our advanced science and technology to capture more of it in travel, film, and photo, it still escapes our mind’s ability to properly to process.

God our Father made it all, maintains it all, and all of it, including humanity, exists for His good pleasure and glory.


You are majestic in all Your ways and in all You have made. You are alone God and You have no equal. You alone are worthy of glory, honor, and worship. I praise Tour name this morning O Most High! Amen.


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