One approved by Christ

ATD 70The Word

“Greet Apelles, a good man whom Christ approves.” Romans 16:10

 The Thought

What a most humbling and honorable thing to have said by one so given to the love and service of Christ as Paul the apostle. In Romans chapter sixteen, Paul was nearing the end of his powerful letter to the church there. One he had begun by declaring himself to be a slave of Christ, then continuing to confirm the Good News again to those in Rome who he said were loved by God and called to be holy. In the latter portion of the letter Paul is now sending personal thanks and greetings to several individuals.

It would not only be an honor to be mentioned in a positive way by Paul in an open letter, but also very humbling, I think, for Paul was not one given to idle words. He obviously knew the character of the hearts mentioned here and saw the fruit of their service to Jesus.

Would that each one of us who say we are Christians live like Jesus and serve His cause so it might one day be said of us that we were good persons approved by Christ.

The Prayer

I pray, Lord, continue to lead me through the power of Your Holy Spirit and cause my life to be one honorable to You and approved by You. Amen.


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