Communion with God

ATD 74The Word

“He sends the snow like white wool; He scatters frost upon the ground like ashes.”               Psalm 147:16


While writing one morning snow blanketed the ground, very large flakes fell so heavily the hillside opposite the valley was barely visible. The Cedar trees were covered; their limbs sagged low under the weight of snow. A glance in any direction was picturesque and beautiful. It also caused an unusual stillness and silence outside. What few sounds did occur seemed almost muffled. An occasional bird would leave its refuge in search of a morsel of food, but there was practically no movement in the valley except the falling of snow.

The whole of Psalm 147 is a song of the handiwork of God. He is the Creator, and Sustainer. Yes, He is the Lord of all, in all, and over all. The morning turned from one of a quiet peaceful moment filled with respect and appreciation for God as Creator to a deeper place. While I silently continued to stare into the landscape of a snowy morning meditating on the Lord, the moment transcended into a wonderfully deep and holy time as an awareness of the manifest presence of the Lord was realized. All heaven and earth, every creature, every element, and every moment are under His command. God in His greatness, who is in need of nothing, is always ready to enjoy deep communion with any child of His willing to spend time with Him.

Just an early morning snowfall? Perhaps, but I choose to believe it was the work of God revealing another aspect of His greatness. An act to cause pause and reflection, a slight adjustment from the normal to gently introduce a bit of His extraordinary, and then invite me to enjoy it with Him.


I praise You this morning, Lord Jesus, for I realize under Your care I am in the hands of the living God whose ways are infinite and endless, Whose creations are as numerous as the sands on the seashores, Who abides with His children, and Who blesses them with His presence. Thank you. Amen.