A faithful one

ATD 110The Word

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8


Most of us during our lifetime have probably met someone that has caused us to be ill at ease because of their unpredictable mood swings. My father worked as an electrician in what he referred to as a “Sign Shop” for many years, and his boss was such a person. He never knew when he reported to work if his boss was going to be in a good mood and set a positive tone for the day or in a bad mood and cause tension in the entire work place. I could usually tell in my boyhood which had occurred during the day by how my dad came through the back door of our home after work. Singing or whistling signaled a good mood boss day and if he was quiet or grumpy, it had not not such a good day.

Unlike humanity, Jesus Christ has, is, and will be consistently the same. His compassion, mercy, grace, abilities, and expectations are the same always. No changes or mood swings occur as a result of circumstance. His yes is yes, and His no is no. He is moving by His divine calendar to complete His flawless objective. He is always faithful, the Rock upon which we can place our lives in complete trust. He is the one who has forgiven us and facilitates the completion of His plans for us in this earth life.


Thank you, Lord, for Your faithfulness, forgiveness, and consistency, Thank You for Your unwavering guidance and care. I can always know what to expect from You, that which is best for Your glory and which will ultimately be best for me. Amen.