Understanding and showing forgiveness

ATD. 125

The Word

“…and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.” Matthew 6:12


Three thoughts to share this morning concerning forgiveness.

The first is an absolute. Without exception, we all need forgiveness as it relates to each of us and a relationship with God.

Secondly, though we do not deserve forgiveness, He extends it and makes provision for it.

Thirdly, we are presented with His requirement of forgiving others to be forgiven.

In the third thought we may glean insight into the first. When an injustice or trespass occurs against us for no good reason, have we not all considered, if even for a fleeting moment, “Why should I forgive that person, I did nothing wrong, yet wrong was inflicted upon me? They need to incur their due sentence!” Couldn’t that be the exact and justified thought of God toward us, and yet He extends mercy?

As we forgive others who have trespassed against us we are not only forgiven by the Father, but we understand the mercy in God’s forgiveness of us.


Lord I am undeserving of Your forgiveness, yet You have extended mercy. May I walk as Christ walked and extend mercy and forgiveness. Amen.


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