We are His voice

ATD 137The Word

“Here I am. Send me.” Isaiah 6:8


God had a message and chose to send it through a human agent: “whom shall I send?” Isaiah responded to God’s request with a resounding, “Send me!”

There is so much to be gleaned from Isaiah’s encounter with God and the circumstances surrounding these words. This morning though let’s focus on the following.. The Father in heaven through his love and mercy extended a way of forgiveness for all of humanity. He gave  grace though Jesus Christ. Receive Him and receive life!

The full extent of God’s offer exceeds imagination. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful, yet the workers are few to share this Good News. The cure for the diseased heart of humanity is readily and abundantly available for disbursement. but where are those to will deliver the message? “Pray for them,” Jesus appeals.

Each of us who have said yes to Christ and His grace are enlisted as His agents, whether pastor, factory worker, student, corporate president, retail clerk, athlete, and so on. God produced  the way to experience abundant life, and we are God’s delivery system. We are His strategy and plan.



You have showered me with grace in abundance, so shall I go and tell others. Here I am. Send me. Amen.