Honor is due

ATD 143The Word

“Exalt the Lord our God! Bow low before his feet, for he is holy!” Psalm 99:5


Over my many years of ministry I have had the privilege to meet and at times minister and serve alongside several prominent men and women whose reputations, accomplishments, and integrity caused me to feel humbled in their presence. Each experience left me knowing others were more qualified, more deserving, and should have had the opportunity rather than me. Nevertheless, I was grateful and honored to serve alongside. Additionally, I would often sense an emotion of deep respect for these prominent people and attempt to encourage them because of their service in God’s Kingdom.

I have often wondered what our initial response will be once the entire body of Christ finds itself gathered together for the first time in heaven and in the presence of the Lord. Of course, time as we know it will cease to exist, but I can imagine the first experience as one containing hundreds or thousands of years of elated celebration, shouts, and hand claps to the King of Kings. I can also imagine songs sung the characteristics of which we cannot describe this side of heaven. And, I’m fairly confident they will contain more than a couple verses and a catchy chorus.

While we do not really know many details, whatever form unfolds in that future first gathering before him in heaven, most certainly his presence will have us in awe of his holiness and we will also bow motionless and speechless.


When from my lips flow the words, “You are holy Lord,” I know my mind and heart scarcely understand the depth of your awe, wonder, and holiness. With my limited understanding and ability, Lord God,I attempt sincerely to worship you, exalt you, and bow before you, for you alone are holy. Amen.


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