There is forgiveness

ATD 152The Word

“Brothers, listen! We are here to proclaim that through this man Jesus there is forgiveness for your sins.” Acts 13:38


In the 1970’s I met a gentleman who led a small church in Southern Missouri. His personality and character was one of deep, genuine kindness and graciousness, the mental image most people get when they hear the word, “Pastor.” One would have thought this guy had spent his entire life in church with little exposure to the darker things of the world.

Sometime later I learned he had spent many years in prison as a young man for a high crime. During those early prison years through a prison ministry he heard of Jesus and forgiveness of sins. He understood in God’s mercy and grace is the ability to be forgiven of what we might consider the unforgivable. He was indeed forgiven by God and later received pardon from his sentence.

In his new found freedom he dedicated the rest of his life sharing with others the depth of forgiveness found only from the source of Christ.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, that a way was provided for me to hear, understand, and receive your miraculous gift. May I be found sharing your story and graciousness the remainder of my days. Amen.


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