Of life and light

ATD 160.jpgThe Word

“For you are the fountain of life, the light by which we see.” Psalm 36:9

The Thought

Most often I wake pre-dawn and carefully make my way to the coffee maker. Then switch on a small table lamp in the next room which provides just enough light to reveal the contents of the room and to begin reading the richness of God’s Word.

In his Word I receive a different kind of light. Light which reveals God’s paths. Light revealing his instruction, preferences, gems of divine wisdom and provision for whatever assignments the day may hold. There are reminders of what he has been building in me spiritually, path markers or indicators of His steps I am to follow, steps that bring purpose, peace, joy, answers to some questions and steps that lead to his good pleasure and life.


Your light reveals your path, the place of Your choosing and the place of your presence. your Word is the inexhaustible fountain of life from which I drink. Amen.