His plans are forever

ATD 171The Word

“No human wisdom or understanding or plan can stand against the Lord.” Proverbs 21:30


God has been under attack from the time of Satan’s rebellion. Yahweh still stands strong, unwavering, and will someday conclude the earth’s current role. All that refutes, challenges, and denies God will cease while he continues forever. The Bible instructs us to always be ready to defend our faith. However, the greatest and most reliable evidence of God’s existence and his miracle of redeeming grace abides in the hearts he has redeemed.

During my entire Christian life, even in debates where I found myself weak and unconvincing in a retort, I have never felt or thought God was not alive or my personal relationship with him weak. Christ changed my life and the lens by which I see life, and I can never be persuaded differently by human wisdom, understanding, or the plots of men to disprove or dishonor him. He cannot and will not be dethroned. Nothing can stand against the Lord. Nothing!


Lord, I desire to sense your presence throughout the day. I am secure and encouraged to know that you are in the midst of your plans which cannot be thwarted, and I am grateful you have me within them. Amen.


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