God alone

ATD 177The Word

“He alone has spread out the heavens and marches on the waves of the sea.” Job 9:8


This writing occurred while looking over a large and beautiful lake in the Ozark Mountains. The morning air was a bit cool and damp, but the hillsides and lake were beautiful and calm. I began to read for several minutes, and when I glanced up again fog and low clouds had quickly moved into the valley and concealed everything in the area. All that was visible was hidden beneath the blanket of thick fog.

God is far beyond our ability to definitively describe and define. He is overwhelming. Like the fog that morning, He could quickly spread out and cover the whole earth in such a way that all else would be concealed by the power of His glory.

We are the created; He is the Creator. We exist to acknowledge Him and worship Him. What an honor to do so.


Father God, You cover the whole earth with Your presence. You alone dominate all things at all times and have plans and purposes for every created thing. This morning I praise Your most holy name. Amen.