Created for good things

ATD 178The Word

“Barnabas was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and strong in faith. And many people were brought to the Lord.” Acts 11:24


This sentence contains the commendation of Barnabas. Over the years, I have often been drawn to the spiritually rich and humble character of this servant of God. He is not presented in Scripture with the volume of information as the apostle Paul and others, yet he made major contributions to God’s kingdom through his sincere love for the Lord and Christ’s church during its inception and early expansion years.

What an honor for any man or woman devoted to God to have written of them that he or she was a good person, full of the Holy Spirit. If something is full of one thing, there can be no room for other things. If one is filled with the Holy Spirit there is little or no room for self. The Holy Spirit within him is the obvious explanation for his strength in the faith.

Finally, the joy of having many people become believers in Christ would be the desire and treasure of any lover and servant of Jesus. Barnabas was a vehicle that brought many to the Lord.


Lord Jesus, may I be found in likeness of you and purposed toward your desires and mission. I pray goodness will be genuinely rooted in my heart by your grace. I pray to be full of your Spirit at all times, to be strong in my faith, and trust in you and your ability to do anything and complete all you have planned. May I tell the world of your great deeds, everlasting love, and marvelous grace. May many become Christians through sharing you and your intentions toward humankind. Amen.


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