Confidence in God’s truth

ATD 188The Word

“I have sworn an oath to David, and in my holiness I cannot lie.” Psalm 89:35


Truth is a valuable treasure. The word is often used, but seems seldom used in earnest as of late. In fact, statements of falsehood are so often and easily used, at least in the western culture, we scarcely know who or what to believe anymore.

There is still one bastion of certainty, one source of pure credibility, and one truth in completeness void of any deception or wrong motivations. Words when read or heard from this source can always be trusted as accurate and flawless. We can rest assured whatever directives and promises are given, can be trusted as correct and best for us.

God alone is capable of making promises containing complete truth. He always, yes always, leads us in truth and by his truth.


You, heavenly Father ,are the source of truth. Thank you that your promises are always true, always right, and always good. Amen.


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