ATD 192The Word

“I am writing to you who are God’s children because your sins have been forgiven through Jesus.” 1 John 2:12


I wonder how those to whom John was writing felt as they were now included into a very special group? The letter was targeted to those whose sins were forgiven because of their decision to believe in Christ. Those who had humbled themselves in repentance and confession of sin and were recipients of God’s great and marvelous grace. John writes to those who are now…God’s children! Is this not a breathtaking thought and position? The redeemed are God’s children!

Forgiveness of sin is, indeed, the heart’s freedom force, but the repositioning which occurs as a result is mind boggling. Mere worthless flesh is transformed into the highest of possible privileges and enters membership into the royal the family of God.

Yes, this letter is to all who have been redeemed. This letter is addressed to all God’s children, so listen and heed.


Silent…grateful…humble. These are the words I am thinking and feeling in this early morning vigil. Amen.



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