True royalty

ATD 196The Word

“Exalt the Lord our God! Bow low before his feet, for he is holy” Psalm 99:5


In antiquity people most always bowed to pay honor and respect to monarchs. The act gave visual recognition and acknowledgement to the superiority of earthly kings, queens, and other royals over those they ruled. In some cultures failure to display such could mean imprisonment or death. Bowing displayed an attitude of adoration, courtesy, gratitude for permission granted, or the forgiveness of an incurred debt.

There exists no higher potentate than Jehovah. God in his glory is exalted above all things as he is the creator of all things. In the highest order he is the only royalty worthy of honor by worshiping. Eventually all will bow before him in acknowledgement of his superiority.

This high, holy, and in the natural, completely unapproachable one, has through Christ, granted permission to not only approach his presence, but also experience intimate fellowship and friendship with him. In the limited realm and capacity of human thought, this appears quite paradoxical, but to the follower of God it is all quite understandable and comforting. The holy unapproachable exalted one we bow before and honor, also invites us to sit at his table in the holiest and highest of friendships.


You are exalted above all things. I exalt you, honor you, and worship you. Amen


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