Always the truth

ATD 201The Word

“I tell you the truth, anyone who obeys my teaching will never die!” John 8:51


Truth is sought from earthly sources, but rarely found. Too often in our world things are presented as truth and later discovered false. The result has produced a culture of doubt, suspicion, and widespread despair. I cannot think of any arena within human life which has escaped or is immune to this tragedy.

There is however, one voice free of flaw and falsehood. One whose words are acutely accurate, void of the slightest error, and which when heeded bring light to the darkness, hope to the hopeless, and yes, abundant and eternal life.

When Jesus Christ said, “I tell you the truth…” Indeed it was truth, still is truth, and will forever remain truth. May we wisely seek and heed his truth, for it brings life to the hungry soul.


Your words are living, your words never fail, and your words are to be trusted. May I be enveloped in the truth of your word, and obey the life-giving teachings you give. Amen


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