ATD 202The Word

“Shout joyful praises to God, all the earth! Sing about the glory of his name!” Psalm 66:1


Most every devotional I write is done in the very early morning hours in one of three locations. None of those places are conducive or receptive to a shout without causing alarm to someone. The Western culture is fairly loud, nearly always in motion, and distraught with busyness. These qualities constantly attempt to invade the lives of most Western Christians, including mine.

I protect, best I can, the opportunity to read and pray in the quiet and peace of early mornings. I can remember only twice in the span of a couple years when I was feeling like a good hearty shout to the Lord was in order. One of these took place when I stepped outside into the beauty of the morning, walked to the end of our drive thirty yards away from the house and loudly prayed, “Praise you Father!!” No one ever mentioned anything in our area including my wife, so I think I got away with it.

I think in the new heavens and earth, all the earth will shout joyful praise, and sing about the glory of his name. We should practice more here.


You have made us for praising you. You have instructed us to sing, bow, be still, lift our hands, and yes, shout. Praise you Lord! Amen.


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