I am the Lord your God

ATD 210The Word

“I am the Lord your God…” Exodus 20:2


Indeed, there is no other subject or being more complex and deep as the person of God. No duration of study or contemplation could begin to unveil his depth and breadth. The wisest among us could never exhaust even the tiniest of regions within the realm of his being. The call and adventure to attempt this, though, is the believer’s glorious journey and quest.

Often during the course of this divine exploration is the discovery of true and indescribable beauty to behold and wonder to ponder, yet contained within simplicity and brevity. This morning unveiled such a find as suddenly six short words ushered this one into a humble, still, and spiritual bliss. “I am the Lord your God.”


There are also times when the words of antiquity produce the deepest prayer: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” Amen. (Song of Solomon 6:3)


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