The only wise God

ATD 229The Word

“All glory to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen.” Romans 16:27


I have wondered before when reading this sentence if Paul with his wit, wisdom, and philosophical debating abilities decided here to both exalt the Lord in his divine supremacy while simultaneously labeling all false and self-proclaimed potentates as foolish and buffoonish? For there is “only one wise God”, which infers all others are not.

Indeed, there is but one God, one divine eternally reigning king, and only one wise God. Indeed, all other powerless fabrications formed by the dark deceived imaginations of men do not, in reality, exist.


May your name be worshiped and glorified. For you, O Lord, are the only God! You are alone the Maker and sustainer of all things created. You alone are worthy of all praise and honor. All glory to your name! Amen.