The right path

atd-298The Word

“Teach me how to live, O Lord. Lead me along the right path,” Psalm 27:11


When my oldest son, Joshua, was in the sixth grade, his school sponsored an event called, “the father and son camp out.” Unfortunately I was already scheduled out of town and unable to accompany him. One of the other fathers invited Joshua to join him and his son.

Once they arrived the camping area Joshua and two friends asked if they might go for a brief hike before lunch. They took off, but did not return for lunch, and were still unaccounted for by late afternoon.  With nightfall approaching, and the other campers unable to locate them, concern grew, and a couple of search parties were readied to deploy. Finally, around dusk, the boys wandered into camp with their story of getting lost in the forest.

The boys began to explore beyond the familiar paths, became disoriented, and were unable to find their way back until much later. This story ended well and without incident, except for a few hours of worry by concerned parents.

God has not only marked paths for us, and will lead us if we wisely follow him and not wonder on our own.


Lord, lead me in your paths and teach me your truths. Lead me away from things tempting and distracting me from your fruitful, good, and righteous paths. Amen.