Sing his praise

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“Let the whole world glorify the Lord; let it sing his praise.” Isaiah 42:12


“Experience confirms that next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise.”-Martin Luther

God is creator of all things, and he created all things for himself. He has made all we see, hear, and feel. He has designed the depth of hue in every color, meticulously formed every shape in shapes, and delivered them to the world with specific physical actions to accommodate his divine preferences. He has presented the world with a plethora of scents, tastes, textures with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences.

Of all God’s created things for humanity to fulfill its highest purpose, perhaps tonal and rhythmic actions provide the most fulfilling offering to honor and glorify God.

Sing a song; sing of his forgiveness. Sing joyful songs, new songs. Sing of his love, his justice. Sing praises to his name as long as you live, and sing to glorify God. Of all things to honor God, music, the song sung, nears its essence. Sing a song, his song, for his sake.


Thank you for your song, Lord, to sing to you for all eternity to glorify your name for all eternity. Amen.