His holiness


The Word

“O God, your ways are holy.” Psalm 77:13


We are invited into the presence of our Father God through the work of Christ. He is indeed the good and perfect Father. He loves his children and desires rich genuine intimate communion with them. He loves and lives in community and allows us into his community. He is all of the qualities of love listed in First Corinthians chapter thirteen, as he abides as love. He is more than the essence of love, for God’s love is where essence begins. He is its fountainhead, the source from where love is traced.  He does not embrace the qualities listed in Corinthians; the qualities exist for us to embrace from him, for God is love.

In the love of our Father is his perfect holiness, of which, he is worthy of our highest respect, honor, and worship. God is holy, and we worship him because he is holy. No one is holy like the Lord, no one, and we worship him in his holiness.



Before the seeking of anything, before the recognition of anything, you are first and foremost to be worshiped in the splendor of your holiness. You are the Holy One, you are the Lord God. Amen.