His glorious presence

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“Moses responded, ‘Then show me your glorious presence.’” Exodus 33:18


For the redeemed of God, the ultimate experience is to be in God’s presence. This is the deep spiritual passion, hunger, and thirst of all humble grace recipients.

The highest goal, the noblest of quests, and the richest rewards, are not in things earthly, but instead in the Lord’s glorious presence. The Lord is the Christian’s treasure, the paragon of their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Their hearts explode with emotion and they are overwhelmed with the thought of the invitation to recline at his table, enveloped in  the spiritual warmth and permanence of his home. Abiding in his presence occupies the sacred place of their heart and thoughts.  His glorious presence is their catalyst for living, the purpose for their prayers, the impetus for their service to him, and the longing destiny of their souls.



I long for your presence my Lord and my God. Amen.