The everlasting kingdom of God

atd-362The Word

“For your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. You rule throughout all generations.”

Psalm 145:13


Of the fifty greatest empires recorded in history, they all have this in common. Not one exists today as a dominant and great empire. Regardless of their military size and power, global influence, material wealth, vast territorial expanses and possessions, human ingenuity and accomplishments, scientific breakthroughs, or the boldest of pride and confidences, their greatness waned to insignificance or fell altogether obliterated. None retained title, position, dominance, or authority as a great empire. Only a scant few are recognized by name, the rest remain in history books to be discovered by history students.

But, then there is the kingdom of God! His kingdom still remains as powerful, influential, and strong as it ever has. And, as it ever has, it will ever be. It stands unchanged, immovable, eternal, without limit, without boundary, without restriction.  God, and his kingdom, will not and cannot be subdued, overpowered or successfully undermined by any enemy. There exists no formidable foe.

God’s kingdom has always existed, and will remain in existence, forever!



Praise you God, for your authority and rule abides forever. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and your dominion has no end. All glory to you forever and forever! Amen.


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