King forever


The Word

“The Lord is king!” Psalm 97:1



On this eve, hundreds of millions of people will gather to celebrate the incoming year. Most with media access will watch Times Square New York, where alone over a million will gather to celebrate the coming year with hopeful prospects.

What the future holds in its entirety though, will remain unclear to all but one, the one God, Yahweh. Upon this truth the redeemed of Christ rejoice, hope, and rest. For they know God has made his principles and intentions clear. His kingdom will come and his will be done. All he has desired and all he has promised shall come to pass, and nothing will prevent him from accomplishing his goal.

This is a good time to dedicate and prepare ourselves for the coming year. To assess and contemplate the things most noble, honorable, and eternal, and pursue them. This is a good time to remember, the Lord is king! To remember we were created by God and for God, and he is all we need. He is our Father, Savior, Lord, and Friend, forever!



I am yours my Lord and King. Amen.