lifeThe Word

“He is the Word of life.” 1 John 1:1


The most valuable gift God has ever provided is, the gift of life. We pray for many things over our lifespan. We ask for daily food, money to pay bills, good health, transportation, divine guidance, protection, godly government so we might live in peace, and assistance in helping others.

These and many more are all good things as they are sought to fulfill the will of the Lord. Things sought to declare his glory, honor his name; fulfill his mandate of loving him with a growing holy passion. And, his mandate to spread his fame and right intentions to every ethnic group, small and large, throughout this planet.

Life, though, is the most cherished provision from God, for it is real life. The soul’s quest is for life, and it is found only in God the Father through Christ his Son. Outside of God there is no life. A search for life in another philosophy or lifestyle, apart from the Christ-life, is a journey of vanity, a pursuit of which ends in sorrow and and leaves the heart an empty lonely hunter.

Life is in the Word; Jesus Christ is the Word. He gives Zoe life. Zoe is the Greek word to define the life from God, life from only God, for he alone is the genuine life source. He is Yahweh, Father God.


You are the God of life, life which stretches beyond the natural into the limitless realms of your supernatural. Praise you, Lord God, provider of life in its essence. Amen.

“Give us today the food we need”


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