The Word

So it is God who decides to show mercy. (Romans 9:16)


It was an early morning on a lonely two lane country road in Arkansas. There was not another vehicle in sight. I set the cruise control seven miles per hour above the posted speed limit and began to enjoy the morning sun rise when the first approaching car from the oncoming lane suddenly exhibited blue flashing lights. I immediately pulled to the side of the road and the police car turned and pulled in behind me. I handed the officer my license and he asked, “What’s the rush Mr. Smith?” I immediately confessed to being in the wrong and when he returned from his car after checking my record he said, “Just a warning, slow down a little.” With relief and gratefulness I said, “Thanks for the mercy.”

I was in the wrong and deserved to pay the penalty of my trespass. I had no choice in the officer’s decision process. Though he certainly didn’t have to, the officer chose to extend me mercy.

We all deserve judgement and sentencing for our trespasses against God. We have no argument or justification for our sin. We are in the wrong, yet God in his love, decided to extend mercy through his Son, Jesus Christ.


Thank you, Father, for extending me mercy. Thank you for forgiving and exonerating me. Thank you for giving me new life. Amen.

“And forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.”


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