Our God is an impenetrable fortress

The Word

…for you are my safe refuge, a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me. (Psalm 61:3)


God is not a temporary shelter or a momentary place of escape or hiding with the future need for a greater, stronger, more permanent defender. No, God is the only one capable of definitive deliverance regardless of the quantity of the enemy or the enormity of the assault.

Jehovah is the one and only safe refuge. He is the fortress whose walls cannot be scaled or whose strategies outwitted. Every weapon and device used in attempt to conquer his possessions, the subjects of his kingdom (who, by the way, he views as his children and friends), will fall broken and defeated before him as shattered, useless, slivers of shard.

The enemy’s intentions to harm us fall futile, failed, and ineffective when we abide within God’s stronghold; he is the impenetrable citadel.


You are my sole source of sure and certain deliverance from the evil one. Thank you for your rescue and the safety of abiding within your holy power. Amen.

“But rescue us from the evil one.”


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