Who is this man?

The Word

The disciples were amazed. ‘Who is this man?’ they asked. ‘Even the winds and waves obey him!’ (Matthew 8:27)


How many thoughts had accumulated in their minds since the disciples first met and followed Jesus?  “Surely this must be the Messiah, the one we’ve heard about and waited for, the one of which the prophets foretold.”

Yet amazement and wonder swirled within them when he would step beyond the boundaries and limitations of natural order to accomplish the purposes of his heavenly Father. This was indeed one of those times as they observed the very forces of nature abandon their natural course to align with the commanding words of this man, Jesus Christ.

Christ continues, through the facilitating force of the Holy Spirit, to achieve God’s plans and supply needed provision for those on mission with him. When necessary, he’ll stretch past the natural order of things to assist meeting the needs of those called according to his purposes. When he does, there are still those who stand in awe and say, “Who is this man?”


Trust! Yes Lord, trusting you is still the path to peace and accomplishment of your will. Provide this day the things necessary to complete your will. Amen.

“Give us today the food we need” 


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