From everlasting

The Word

His rule is everlasting, and his kingdom is eternal. (Daniel 4:34)


History books contain scores of chapters filled with stories of failed and fallen kings, kingdoms, emperors, empires, and nations. There are countless pages containing people and places once holding broad influence, power, and prestige in the world. These forces were thought so great, the words invincible and impenetrable accompanied their titles and reputations. They believed they could repel challenges, resist attempted intrusions, and sustain power, yet were it not for archeologist and books of antiquity, their remnants and vestiges would be all but forgotten. New conquerors and ideals rose, engulfed the old, and ignited a new cycle, until of course the glory faded and twilight once again appeared. And so it will continue as history unfolds until the earth itself experiences final twilight.

God, Yahweh, however, lives, rules, abides from everlasting to everlasting. Of this king and his kingdom there is no twilight; there is no end!


Glory, honor, and praise to you, the only God, the most high God! Amen.

“For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.”


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