Our Daily Bread

The Word

Give us today the food we need. (Matthew 6:11)


A sobering walk through the slums of Kampala, Uganda adjusted my definition of provision. There were multiple, dusty, red earthen lanes strewn with rubbish, scantly clothed children, many with fluid draining from their eyes and noses. There were many with their hands extended in hope to receive some small morsel of food, candy, or a coin.

A turn down one of the dusty lanes led me to a small cluster of tiny earthen and masonry huts. A woman with a baby on her hip and several other toddlers about her feet smiled and invited our group of four into her humble home. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room for everyone, so two of our group waited outside. There wasn’t sufficient food for her and her children, yet she offered a beverage.

“Give us today our daily bread.” Perhaps today is the day to rethink, reevaluate, realign, readjust, and redefine the target of our Lord’s words.


I pray for what is needed for provision today. Amen.

“Give us today the food we need”

Please follow the link for more information about the Uganda ministry http://www.village2village.co)


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