Rise up and Help Us!

The Word

Rise up! Help us! Ransom us because of your unfailing love. (Psalm 44:26)


There are seasons when, from our perspective, conflicts and challenges appear unprovoked and senselessly thrust upon us. More concerning though, is when evil’s intrusion appears unchallenged by God. He seems silent and unresponsive. In these seasons, some may question God and be quick to declare him as uncaring and indifferent, but is that the case?

Psalm 44 is a plea for God’s deliverance. The song includes reflections of God’s past interventions and acknowledges his unquestionable ability to again produce victory over the enemy. The psalmist believes he’s been faithful to God and is confused as to why God has not come to his aid.

The final words reveal the psalmist’s heart. Devotion and allegiance to God stands resolute for there is no other place to seek genuine help or deliverance, nor will one be sought. Redeem us because of your mercy, your faithful love.


When I need help and cannot understand the delay, help me remember your past deliverances and faithfulness. Help me remember you are on course with your divine plans and have not abandoned me. You are at work and my trust is in you. I pray rise up! Come to my aid because of your great mercy. Amen.

“but rescue us from the evil one.”


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