We are all sowers!

The Word

A farmer went out to plant some seeds. (Matthew 13:3)


Sermons and writings abound using the familiar parable of the farmer sowing seed. Often the point is concerned with the varied results of sowing, and it’s important we understand the variables. The emphasis this morning, though, is not upon the varied results, but to understand we are all to sow this life-giving seed of God’s kingdom, it is the call and mission of every believer in Jesus Christ.

The will of God, is first to worship him, and then to sow the seed of the kingdom throughout the people groups of the world. Every nation large and small, every ethnic group from the greatest to the least known, every community, every household, yes, everyone needs to hear the Good News. We are the sowers of this most important message and engaged in the most critical mission within human kind.

This is the will of God!  This is the mandate of our Savior Jesus Christ! So, let us go!


May your kingdom come and your will be done! May the people of the world become the people of Christ! When you return for us, Lord, may we be found sowing seed and working within the harvest fields. Amen.

“May your Kingdom come soon.  May your will be done on earth,  as it is in heaven. “


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