Spiritual Adoption

The Word

Our Father in heaven (Matthew 6:9)


The devil, the father of lies, would have us think the heart’s destiny is to wander forever as a poor pitiful spiritual street urchin, but the opportunity extended us by God is not that at all and incomparably different from this image.

The deep cherished thought of the Christian is the peace and security, of no longer being an orphan, pauper, outcast, begging and fending for one’s self. Instead, through the work of Christ, the believer in Jesus is a son or daughter of God, the Father. He is ever strong, wise, competent in all ways and all things, and holding in his grasp perfect plans for all his adopted children, his heirs.

Charles Spurgeon wrote of the opening words of The Lord’s Prayer, “This prayer begins where all true prayer must commence, with the spirit of adoption, ‘Our Father.’ There is no acceptable prayer until we can say, ‘I will arise, and go unto my Father.’” He is our Father and we are his children.


Heavenly Father, thank you for your love, mercy, and adoption through Christ’s redeeming sacrifice. Thank you I am no longer an orphan, you are my Father, perfect in all of your ways, and you have placed me in your family to remain there forever. Amen.

“Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.” 


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