The Word

Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly. (John 7:24)


Jesus healed on the Sabbath and was accused of transgressing law. The agenda of his accusers was to rid themselves of the one challenging the validity of their religious system. Beneath the surface though, was one motivated by authentic compassion had they looked. Beneath the surface was living evidence of truth, love, grace, and mercy. Beneath the surface was the will of the heavenly Father, manifest in flesh and assigned the singular most momentous task of all time.  To overcome the sin of mankind and reconcile them to holy God, Creator and lover of their souls.

Christ’s agenda was not to promote transgression of the law or stir rebellion, his agenda was to heal, restore, and free lonely, oppressed, and imprisoned hearts. Christ’s accusers displayed jealousy, hunger for authority, power, and control, diseases of the self-centered heart. Christ displayed selflessness and the desire to release and empower others. His agenda was to heal the wounded, rejected, show them genuine love and life existing in the will of God, not a system to accommodate the agendas of men.

Had his accusers discerned rightly, with pure motives, they would have correctly assessed Jesus with genuine love and service to the Father, displaying the characteristics of the Father, for the purpose of honoring and glorifying the Father. They would have recognized the only Son of the Father, had they looked beneath the surface.


Where there is foolish blindness, bring sight. Reveal criticism, narrow mindedness, selfishness, and pride. May I discern rightly and act justly. Amen.

“May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” 


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