The Knower of Hearts

The Word

O Lord, you know every heart. (Acts 1:24)


The Greek word for, know, is “kardiognostes”, and it is used only twice in the New Testament. The word means, God who knows the heart.

No one knows our heart like God, and certainly no one cares about our heart like God. He is aware of the content in every chamber of our spiritual heart, even to the smallest of thing within it, things which may be secretive to the entire world, but not from the Heavenly Father.

He is not only the knower of every detail, deed, and thought, but he is also the one gently watching over the development of the heart. Our hearts mean more to him, then to us. His intentions are to develop the healthiest, most wholesome heart possible. Hearts free of spiritual disease, hearts strengthened by his spiritual provision, hearts beating in synchronization with his.

The knower of the heart will bring to our minds, anything which may weaken, endanger, and cause damage to us. Unforgiveness is one of these dangers, and so he will gently place before us the smallest of things we hold wrongly against another, as unforgiveness  is an ugly and damaging spiritual disease.


Lord you are the knower of the heart, the knower of my heart. Search my heart Lord continually and please keep it free of any unhealthy thought or action. Amen.

“and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.” 


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