God of Wonder

The Word

He counts the stars and calls them all by name. (Psalm 147:4)


One morning I stepped outside the door of our home and into the dark stillness of predawn. My eyes were quickly drawn upward to a stunning array of stars, the sky was unusually clear, and the view astonishing.

Certainly the Psalmist David recalled early morning experiences watching sheep. He could close his eyes, imagine the stillness, the first hint of morning’s light in the pastures and hillsides where he tended his flocks. He knew what it was like to look into the sky and be dazzled by God’s starry heavens. God had spoken them into existence, knew their number, and additionally gave each a name. He could remember the sounds of the birds responding to morning’s first light, signaling the birth of a new day. Perhaps even a time when a young fawn emerged from the place its mother bedded it down for the night. David knew God’s mornings, God’s wonders, and to God, lifted praise.

All creation, to the lover of God, is a wonder, a display of his magnificent and absolute creative power. Though we cannot fully comprehend the vastness of God, we can take pleasure and find peace in him, as he also knows our name, and cares about the details of our lives.


I am humbled by and in your presence this morning my Lord, King, and Savior. Who is like you? No one! You are magnificent and all you have made is a wonder. You are exalted, worthy of all praise, and I praise you. Thank you for your love, your mercy, your grace, and for giving me genuine life to worship you forever. Amen.

“Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy. “


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