The Divine Guardian

The Word

He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him. (Proverbs 2:8)


A visit one summer to Buckingham Palace in London, allowed us to watch the formality of the change of the Queen’s Guards. Though some misconceive the soldiers stationed there as more for show, they are in reality some of the best-trained soldiers in the British army. When on duty guarding Buckingham Palace, their assignment is to protect British royalty and the Palace, a task for which these men are well suited and prepared to do.

First Peter 2:9 states through Christ we as Christians are a “royal priesthood” and as such, are guarded and protected. We are watched over and cared for as we walk upon the paths he leads. This guard, however, is the singular unconquerable entity with more authority and power than all the combined armies of the world. There is none his equal, none to whom he submits or bows. Our protector and guard is none other than the Lord God Jehovah.


Thank you, Lord, for being my protector and guide. The one who leads me faithfully through the paths of this day, and everyday for your glory. Amen.

“…don’t let us yield to temptation” 


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