Overwhelming is our God

The Word
…the Lord our God is holy. (Psalm 99:9)


There is no one equal to our God, for there is no one and nothing like our God. He is distinct from all other things, though he made all other things. And, though he made all other things, and they are made for him, he is separate from all other things he made. He is the singular self-existent life form whose depth and complexity immediately leave the human mind exhausted of ability to comprehend. He is God, Jehovah God.

Yet in his vastness, in need of nothing and no one, he chose to allow us intimate relationship and friendship with him. For us to know him as, our Father in heaven.


Father, you have done more for me than I am aware and more than I can imagine. You have included me in your magnificent plans, and I am humbled and grateful. I worship you in your perfect holiness. Amen.

“Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.” Matthew 6:9