Send your rain

The Word

I lift my hands to you in prayer. I thirst for you as parched land thirsts for rain. (Psalm 143:6)


I recently read an article about a long period of severe drought in the western portion of the United States.The story also contained two pictures. One of several people gathered in a small church praying for relief from the long drought. The second was a hand written sign attached to a section of barbed wire fence which read, “Pray for rain.” The story continued saying on Sunday February 2nd 2014, “The Utah Farm Bureau Federation asked the public to join in prayer and fasting for snow and rain for livestock and crops as part of its Harvesting Faith event. The plea to the above came weeks after the federal government declared parts of 11 parched Western and Central states natural disaster areas.”[1]

For three consecutive summers our region was also very hot and dry with one span of temperatures rising daily above one hundred degrees. There were multiple effects, one was the dying of several large beautiful trees on our property. Drought brings the realization, and desperation, of our dependence upon the rain to sustain life.

The Psalmist raised his hands not simply to express thanks, but from his desperate heart for relief from the weight on his life. He thirsted for God’s presence, compared his situation and need for God, to that of parched land in need of rain.


My spirit is fed only by the refreshing of your presence. Without you I am a hopeless, parched, and weary soul. I thirst for your presence and the life contained for me there. Amen.

“but rescue us from the evil one.” Matthew 6:13



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