The power of one

The Word

…rescue us from the evil one. (Matthew 6:13)


I met an outstanding young man while on an extended visit to Moscow, Russia, in January 1992. His name was Maximilian and he was a strong, energetic believer in Christ with a robust (but child-like) personality and faith. He told me of an event which occurred during the fall of communism in his country. Socialism had failed to produce its promised results for the betterment for mankind, and hope was rising among the citizens. Marxist loyals within the military had commandeered a large number of tanks and were bound for a government building, intent on expelling the young democratic patriots held up inside.

When Maximilian saw the potential setback from the recent advances toward liberty, he boldly proceeded to the location where the column of tanks were prepared to attack. He ran to the lead tank, placed his hands on the vehicle, prayed a brief but effective prayer to rebuke the advance of evil in the name of Jesus Christ. God answered his prayer, provided protection, and rescue. The column of tanks ceased to advance at that very spot with the lead tank remaining to this day as a symbol of victory and the fall of communism.


Our enemy is intent on preventing advancement and, were it possible, destroying the truth of the Kingdom of God. You, Lord, have no equal and victory is yours. Deliver us from the plans of the evil one as we stand in the victory of your grace declaring your glory. Protect us from the enemy as we do your will. Amen.


“but rescue us from the evil one.”



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