Along the way

The Word

As Jesus was walking along, He saw a man who had been blind from birth. (John 9:1, 2)


Jesus was devoted to the will of the Father. He knew the mission was to liberate humanity from the darkness and death of sin. And, he knew he was authorized and empowered by the Holy Spirit to do so. We too are commissioned by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to continue his mission as we are “walking along” about our daily lives.

Jesus would instruct his followers to leave one location and set out for another, but just as he watched, discerned, and ministered along the way, so should we. Whenever he was confronted by those in need he would minister to them.

Some Christians wait for the grand unfolding of a position or place to assess or consider as the will of God, forgetting God is always ready to use us wherever and whatever we are doing at the moment. A believer in Christ has the continued mission and commission of Christ to declare the Good News of the Kingdom of God, the light to the world, who came to seek and save the lost.

May we pay close attention walking along today for we each are empowered, commissioned, and on the greatest mission of hope ever for humanity.


May I see and hear you, Lord, as you lead me through the day. Guide me to share my life along the way just as you did. Amen.

“May your kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”


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